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MagnetoClinic Kit

MagnetoClinic Kit


Magneto Clinic is a pioneer machine that uses magnet therapy as a basis to cure, with ease, those ailments that interfere with our day to day.

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The application of magnet therapy in our body is a practice of alternative medicine that is also used for aesthetic purposes. Magnetotherapy acts on the cause that causes the problem, it is a safe, safe, non-invasive technique.

Magneto Clinic generates a magnetic field, which in contact with our body, locates the “sick” cells and recharges them naturally so that they recover their functions, thus fighting the signs of aging and pain. It is applied with great effectiveness in the field of aesthetics. It has an anti aging effect, improves the external appearance and physical form, as well as brain activity; fights stress, insomnia, increases oxygenation, tones the skin.

It is very effective for the prevention and treatment of skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, herpes. It has specific programs for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles and cellulite among others and is very easy to use at home.

• Anti-inflammatory action
• Tissue repair
• Antalgic action (pain)
• Anti-allergic action
• vasoactive action
• Neuro balancing action
• Stimulating action of the nervous system

Machinery for therapy / treatment of electro-magnetotherapy low / high frequency (EMT)
Professional portable machine with briefcase.
Alpha numeric display LCD high contrast, backlit
4 outputs for EMT

It contains:
• MagnetoClinic machine
• Transport case
• User manuals
• Devices for local treatments
• Connection cables
• 4 adjustable elastics
• Charger
• Magnet


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